Special perforations / embossed plates

Improved and optimized punching technology and die materials in the perforating industry paved the way for the production of embossed sheets. Today, countless variants of embossments and combined products get supplied to different architectural und industrial sectors. Today, it is technically possible, to execute embossing and punching simultaneously with the corresponding tools. During embossing, the material is put between the positive and negative mold of the die where the shape is pressed from below or from above. The smooth stripping of the sheet and the simultaneous feed movement are crucial to ensure a clean, homogeneous embossing.

Constant improvements in our in-house tool development center at Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche always assures high efficiency, longevity and best product quality to our customers. The large sector of employment for embossed sheets covers a broad spectrum in all areas of industry. The most popular use is for skid-inhibition on commercial vehicles and all kinds of access ramps and gangways. Retail and industrial washing machine drums also use a combination of embossed sheets. In the agriculture, respectively in the processing of agricultural products, embossed screening sheets (so-called trieur sheets) find their use in screening and separating machines.

Alveolated plates






Amongst others, special perforations or special embossments are used; there are trieur embossments in different dimensions, which are mainly installed for separating cereals in agricultural machinery. This way of active sorting and separation is an evolution of the classic sieves.

Embossed plates





Embossed holes





Waffle embossed sheets are used in the interior finishing as well as for the production of sliding surfaces. For ramps in the automotive industry or as flooring in large production plants, perforated sheets with round or oval countersunk holes / nozzle holes are selected. They are mainly used to minimize the risk of slipping due to leaking liquids such as oil or other lubricants.

Ornamental perforations





 Ornamental perforations find their use in the field of architecture as facades and balcony paneling. Star perforations or chessboard perforations are two of the possible variants to visually enhance a facade. Due to the advanced automation and digitization, it is now possible to perforate graphics on facades or balustrades using the DesignPerf® method. The motifs are perforated by segments, thus, dimensions are therefore unlimited.

Slotted bridge perforations





For soil draining, for example for gravel extraction, but also for raw materials such as wood chips or substrates for biogas plants, methods were developed based on the use of bridge slot perforations. During the draining, these sheets avoid clogging with substrates and the filter effect is maintained for a longer time with high efficiency. For ventilation and venting, grid sheets with a Louvered perforation have established and are standard for many applications.


Louvered nose-type perforations

For separation and shredding of scrap, tire rubber or waste wood, friction sheets with a nostril or double-nosed perforation are used. They grate the material to the required size and split them within the same operation. The Dillinger Fabrik gelochter Bleche is your competent partner in the development of your customized Perforation.